The past tennis season - highlights + TENNIS TERM OF THE DAY: attack zone

There has been a lot of tennis for you this autumn tennissisters4ever. What has been the best and why?


Having fun tennis moments with the family. Fun practice sessions and lots of learning. Practicing all the strokes, volley, smash, backhand yes everything. The camp in Gustavsberg Tennis Club and Wilson Tennis Camp in Jönköping were great fun because you got to play privately with Pontus and learn a lot of tennis. We learned in Jönköping that you should jog down which we didn't know before. And then we learned the "lid on" from Pontus.


It was fun to play matches because it's fun to compete and it's good to compete so you learn. You learn how to play points.

You've had several different tennis coaches during the fall. Is there any difference in being coached by these?


Everyone is a little different. Kenneth trains more technique and a lot of feet, Jocke trains more on everything and improving strokes and Adrian runs pretty hard and a lot of technique. Fredrik does a lot of technique and is nice, he says to rest when you have a break!


What is the attack zone?

The attack zone is the area in the server boxes

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