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How to hit like the grand slam winners?

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How long should I train during one session?

No more than 10 minutes. That's the equivalent of 90 minutes on a track.

Can I use the Eye Coach for a warm-up?

Eye Coach is a great way to warm up quickly. You only need 3 minutes instead of 30 minutes of traditional warm-up time.

How important are the 1 minute instructions to read before the video?

They are the key to using your Eye Coach correctly and achieving your fastest improvement.

Can I train slice and topspin with Eye Coach?

Absolutely, you can develop spin and slice technique with your Eye Coach. In fact, you can practice 17 different strokes with the Eye Coach.

Can I hit full speed groundstrokes, volleys and attack strokes?

Yes - you can, and should, practice at exactly the intensity you want to play. However, you should start at half speed until you can get 10 solid hits in a row before increasing the speed.

When should I look up or over to ensure balance at contact?

Just after contact or when the racket passes your eye.

How long does the ball last?

Normally it lasts around 8,000 hits.

How long does my arm last?

Normally it lasts around 50,000 hits.

How much space do I need to practice with the Eye Coach?

All you need is a few square metres to get a total workout and improve your tennis game.

Is my Eye Coach portable?

Yes - your Eye Coach fits in a racket bag and weighs just 6kg. It takes 2-3 minutes to set up or take down.

What is the minimum age to use the Eye Coach?

Three-year-olds have developed eye-hand coordination for catching, hitting and throwing. These skills are ready to be developed with the Eye Coach Junior model.

What is the minimum height to use the Eye Coach?

Players up to 127cm should use the Eye Coach Junior model. Players taller than 127cm, (when the ball height is below shoulder height), should use the Eye Coach Pro model.

What is the difference between Eye Coach and TopspinPro? Answer from Lisa Dodson:

"I see TopspinPro as a tool to help players who don't have the feel and understanding of topspin. TopspinPro provides unlimited training to understand and practice just topspin technique. The tool allows the player to feel and experience what it takes to make the ball spin forward. There is also the aspect of eye-on-ball to get clean hits on each ball as well as produce strokes.
Eye Coach has a broader spectrum of concentration: sight/look-on-ball, timing for each hit, potential positioning/alignment to the ball. The ball spins forward but not at any speed. Lenny's (the inventor of Eye Coach) basic purpose of Eye Coach is visualization and eye-on-ball and the rest is a bonus. With Eye Coach, the ball has a "fly away" effect. The ball sits on a swing arm that simulates the ball going away from you. You have to track it out and back in so the look-at-the-ball is the dominant feature"

/ Lisa Dodson, former WTA tennis pro, successful tennis coach and creator of popular training tools ServeMaster & TossMaster

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