Tennis drills - our favourites

There are many ways to practice tennis. What are your 3 favourite drills and why?


1) Creating position, attack, volley, smash. Fun because you have a lot of feet and you get to practice a lot of strokes.

2) Backhand cross, inside out, backhand cross, inside out etc forward through the sidecourt. Don't know why it's fun, I just like it. Fun with a lot of feet and doing inside out.

3) Bingel. Because it's fun, you do cross, because you do both singles and doubles.


1) Create read zone, then forward on volley zone, then attack zone, and last smash. It's fun because you get to hit different shots and you practice a lot on your feet.

2) Backhand cross, inside out, backhand cross, inside out, etc. Because you get to practice cross, hit a lot, practice from different spots on the court and it's fun!

3) Mini tennis. Mostly like with foam ball. Because you can practice on both serve, volley, stroke and fun with match.

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