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History of Tennis Pointer

Czech coach Jiri Bartos invented the Tennis Pointer in 2011. He lost matches because he got too many wrong hits. His idea: I need to develop a tool that explicitly trains precision on the hitting surface. A carpenter friend made the first prototype. The desired effect came quickly: the hits became more precise and success was a fact! In 2013, he had ten more wooden spoons produced, one of which was given to the Czech junior talent Jonas Forejtek who made Tennis Pointer known to the world after a video went viral when he was 14 years old and practising with Tennis Pointer.

Today, Tennis Pointer is used by tennis players and tennis clubs around the world. The tool has become a very popular tool for both beginners and advanced players up to ATP and WTA professional level.

The video that went viral
and made Tennis Pointer a worldwide success

Jonas Forejtek

Practicing with Tennis Pointer is really fun for children and adults, even if it is difficult. Most of the time, the players see it as a challenge and are happy about every successful stroke. Sometimes I also use the Tennis Pointer for technical corrections. Footwork is also encouraged, because only if you stand perfectly against the ball can you get a clean hit.

The serve can also be improved with the Tennis Pointer by making the throw more precise. After 7 years I can conclude that the Tennis Pointer works with all strokes, if used regularly.

It is best used as part of a warm-up before playing with a regular racket.

Jiri Bartos, creator of Tennis Pointer

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In 2000 Mauve® Sports-MSV was founded by Dr. Karl-Eberhard Mauve. He has a long experience in developing, manufacturing and distributing tennis products. From the beginning he is very passionate about the correct stringing of tennis rackets, as string material and string tension count for at least 50-70% of a racket's performance and must be adapted to each individual player type.

String tension measuring device

That's why Dr Karl-Eberhard Mauve developed the MiniSTT, the smallest electronic device for measuring the tension in a string bed. Since then, 15,000 MiniSTTs have been sold. At the beginning of the company's history, Mauve® Sports-MSV offered everything possible in tennis. But later the company focused on the development and distribution of high quality tennis strings and grips under the brand name MSV Tennis.


In 2014, Carl-Philipp Mauve, son of the founder, bought a 50% stake in the company and became Managing Director of MSV Tennis.