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I've practiced tennis all my life and know how important it is to use technique to make it stick. Just had the opportunity to try TopspinPro and wish I had discovered it sooner! Now both me and my tennis playing kids can practice technique and fundamentals at home, really fun and easy! Highly recommended regardless of ambition level.

Anna Wassgren, tennis player since 30 years

TopspinPro is the perfect tennis tool for the kid, junior and adult alike. It makes it easy to understand how to hit topspin, how to do it practically - a real teaching aid.

Martin Lager, Tennis coach and vice chairman. Gustavsbergs Tennisklubb and ordf. Swedish Tennis Veteran Committee

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Frequently asked questions & answers

How long does it take before I can see improvements in my game?

TopspinPro can make a difference in as little as 2 minutes for a player to hit their first overhead shot. Often it takes less time than that to understand how the technique works.

But even if the results are quick, repetition is crucial to "locking" the topspin technique into your muscle memory. With TopspinPro, you can hit HUNDREDS of balls every day from the comfort of your own home, greatly shortening the learning curve. You can also take TopspinPro with you to the court when you practice. As you often practice serve at many practice sessions, you should also practice overspin. There are many drills to take advantage of and be inspired by. Go to Tennis Drills TopspinPro and learn from the pros.

Isn't the angle on TopspinPro too steep?

At first it seems so, but the screen is there to represent the ANGLE OF THE BACK when hitting the ball. It does NOT represent the swing path.

Federer's racket angle is usually 79 degrees and Nadal's is 76 degrees at ball impact. TopspinPro temporarily removes the swing moment in order to "lock in" the same biomechanics to your muscle memory. You automatically add the swing moment to your strokes in practice and matches.

The top and bottom screens on TopspinPro are attached independently, so it's common to take the top panel off once you've established the right technique - so you can hit the ball through more.

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