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Japanese Toalson has been manufacturing sports products for over 60 years and is considered one of the world's highest quality tennis manufacturers

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Toalson Sweet Area Racket

Become a sweet spot expert - achieve perfection in your hit

Heavy stuff

Toalson Power Swing Racket

Increase the power of your stroke - train your muscle memory

Toalson Sweet Area Racket Training Tool

The racket looks and feels (with a 3,20 mm balance point) like a normal racket but has a smaller hitting surface (head size 64 square inch=413cm2). This means that it will:



All coaches should have a Sweet Area Racket. If you don't have it, you're not complete. For me, it's a must.

Sven Groenevald, former Pro Player & Pro Coach for Maria Sharapova

Sweet Area Racket

3 models:


Increase the power of your stroke

Toalson Power Swing Racket Training Tool


Power Swing Racket

2 models


Pro Coach Sven Groeneveld

"I'm a big believer in training tools"

Train with Sweet Area Racket

high quality


One of the world's most popular grip pads! Toalson Ultra Grip and Power Grip have taken padel & tennis players by storm. With perfect grip and optimum feel, Toalson delivers top class grips.