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Tennis tips for the Christmas holidays + TODAY'S TENNIS TERM: ATP tour

Tennis tips for the Christmas holidays

Hello Tennissisters4ever, you are now on Christmas break for almost three weeks. Do you have any good tennis tips on tennis drills for everyone who is off?


It's important to keep practicing groundstrokes, serve and volley; and why not drive volley and smash! To be active and have fun and don't forget feet. And of course practice TopspinPro every day!


You should always practice on. It's good to practice basic strokes. Practice at home if you have space for it. You can practice serving against a wall, you can practice TopspinPro, foot exercises and then ball exercises. Try to watch tennis a lot and learn from it. You can take the opportunity to book appointments at several tennis clubs to discover new places.

Thanks for your tips!


What is the ATP Tour?

The ATP Tour is a series of tennis tournaments for professional male tennis players that are played throughout the year, with the results being the basis for a ranking.


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