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Welcome to the official retailer of TopspinPro, ServeMaster, MSV, Billie Jean King Eye Coach, Wilson, MSV Tennis Pointer and Padel Pointer, GripFixer, Tecnifibre, TossMaster, Angle Doctor, Tac-Tic Knee Trainer & Wrist Trainer, Tennisbuilder GripGuide, Toalson, Noene, Ariv, Hesacore, Donnay, Bounce Tube, RättGrepp, Robin Söderling, EcoGrip, Båstad Bollen, Volt Padel, Starvie, Luxilon, Wilson, Topspin, Eye Coach and our own brand HoB sports.

House of Bontin is a family business based in Båstad with a great passion for sports and in particular tennis & padel!

We want to help develop tennis and padel by contributing tools for an effective and fun way through tennis & padel life. We believe that visible and quick results trigger forward momentum; but also believe that small changes can lead to big progress. However, it is important to know what gives the best results and to focus on the right things.

That's why House of Bontin offers smart products for all tennis & padel players, whatever their level. Tools suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Our revolutionary products such as TopspinPro, Eye Coach, ServeMaster, Tennis/Padel Pointer, Gripfixer etc. are created by tennis & padel players with great insight and experience in the challenges of the sport. House of Bontin offers only what is guaranteed to give you a developing result! In our shop you will also find affordable and high quality tennis & padel products such as tennis balls/padel balls, tennis rackets/padel rackets, grips, tennis strings and important accessories such as sweatbands, water bottles, caps, dampeners, frame protectors etc.

"Improving performance is a journey. Small changes can often leads to big gains." Addy Osmani

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