Serve like a pro!

With the innovative ServeMaster training tool, you will learn the all-important basics of the serve.

Lisa Dodson, former WTA pro tennis player, is the creator of this revolutionary tool that is equally good for children and adults.

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Serve becomes simple

In sport, FEELING is the most powerful tool for learning



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Which variant should I choose? Weight and length


1-ball is for beginners children and juniors up to 10 years old.

Length: 58,4cm Weight: 255grams.

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2-ball is for adult players at beginner & intermediate level and juniors over 10 years old.

Length: 63,6cm Weight: 340grams

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3-ball is for advanced players.

Length: 68,6cm Weight: 425grams.

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I started using ServeMaster when I was 11 years old. Now I'm a professional tennis player and I still use it every day.

Alycia Parks, WTA Pro Tennis Player

I serve 60 times a day with ServeMaster and have noticed a big improvement in just a few weeks. Yesterday I played a match and felt so confident when I served.

Vega 8 years

Recommendation from Båstad

Axel Holm, Tennis coach Båstad Tennis Society

Frequently asked questions & answers

Can I really change my serve?

Yes! Players often make their biggest and fastest improvements when they practice without the ball. When you play or hit, you concentrate on one end goal: hitting the ball over the net and into the court. To effectively change, you need to feel and repeat the right movement over and over again without this constraint. Producing the right movement is the goal! With ServeMaster, you will see significant improvements with your serve.

Is ServeMaster just for serving?

No, it is also fantastic for practicing and refining smash, forehand and backhand, slice and volley. It can be used for foot and movement drills, stretching, strength and endurance exercises and for overall general coordination and athletic skill.

Serving exercise with Servemaster

Lisa Dodson, serve expert and creator of ServeMaster, gives tips on how to use ServeMaster

The story of ServeMaster

"Because the serve is so difficult to teach, I decided to develop a simple tool with all the right components"

Lisa Dodson, born in New York, is a former world-ranked professional tennis player with a WTA top ranking of #270 for singles and has an extensive background in tennis teaching. She played both basketball and tennis for the University of North Carolina and graduated in 1979 with a BA in Political Science.

She has held sectional rankings in women's singles and doubles in East Florida and Northern California and has been a USTA Nor Cal 35-, 40- and 45-section stroke player.

Lisa started teaching because she loves the game. Starting at age 6, as the youngest in a tennis-playing family, "my parents couldn't get me off the court." Her first real job was teaching juniors at a country club in New York at age 16. She became a full-time coach in 1979, then played professionally from 1982 to 1986 and resumed teaching again in 1989. She is a USPTA-certified Elite Professional and an MTMCA L3-certified professional. She also served on the USPTA Eastern Board from 2014-2016.

"I love motivating and figuring out how to get great results from each player." That's how ServeMaster came to be. When Lisa was injured in 2009, she finally had the time to develop her tennis serve training tool. "Because serve is so difficult to teach, I decided to develop a simple tool with all the right components". So after 18 months of development, research and work, ServeMaster was patented and on the market.

Today, Lisa runs her company and is the Sports Director of Tennis Operations at Shenorock Shore Club in Rye, NY, and The Saw Mill Club in Mt. Kisco, NY.

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