Donnay Allwood - The legend who is extra arm-friendly

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Donnay ALLWOOD unibody - The Legend

Donnay Allwood, first launched in 1976, is back in modern form! The racket that gained legendary status in the 70s when Björn Borg won 4 Wimbledon titles in a row with this model. This is also a very arm-friendly racket that is perfect for veteran players

Allwood is now back, but in a state-of-the-art version. We've kept the name and the cool colours from the original, but that's where the similarity ends:

Donnay Allwood is a racket built on Xenecore technology and is the first racket with six layers of vibration dampening material running from the handle and throughout the frame (Hexacore). With a 22mm frame profile, this racquet is built slightly more powerfully than the other Donnay models and is a great addition to our range of thin-frame racquets. The Allwood has a head size of 102 kcm and a 16x19 string pattern that provides easy access to power and spin.

The real difference between this racket and the "mainstream" of today's models is not visible. It lies in the flex/stiffness of the racket and the stability and feel you get from having a fully cushioned frame. Typically, flex/RA (RA = racket stiffness and higher number = stiffer racket) is between 60-70 among today's competition rackets. Allwood is 54. This means that with this model we are going the opposite way from the other manufacturers and we hope that this will be a welcome offer to all players who have been missing a "softer racket". Allwood is therefore best suited to players who value comfort, touch and feel.

  • Sold in grips 2 & 3
  • Head size: 102 inches
  • Unstretched weight: 300g
  • Unstretched balance: 320mm

Supplied strung with Donnay co-poly 23kg.

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