New major sponsor for Tennissisters4ever!

Congratulations on getting a new sponsor! Please tell us a bit about it.
Vega: It's Tecnifibre and it's really nice to be sponsored with such great stuff and I'm really happy that I'm sponsored by such a big company.
What's so great about Tecnifibre in particular?
Vega: It's great racks, it's great stuff. The bag is great, it has so many good compartments and it opens all the way so you can see everything, I really like it!
Which rack do you play with?
Vega: I play with the TF-X1 285 and it feels great! I have already won my first tournament with my new rack, I won the Audi Open.
Tecnifibre sponsors several big tennis stars, which one is your favourite in the Tecnifibre family?
Vega: Medvedev and Iga. Medvedev because he plays chess on the court.
What else are you looking forward to with Tecnifibre?
Vega: That we will soon get our Tecnifibre clothes, it will be great to have so much from Tecnifibre. I think the clothes are going to be great! Then I like the bandana and I'll get that too.

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