An autumn filled with competitions, goal-oriented training and scary parties...

Hello Tennissisters4ever. Now it's autumn which means training on the hard court, how is it to train indoors again?

Vega: It feels really good, feels unfamiliar after playing on clay but after a while you get used to it.

Judith: It's fun but in the beginning it was quite difficult because it was completely different bounce and other things like not having sun and wind. But it's a lot of fun on the hard court too. I think it's just as much fun but both surfaces. But when you have to change the surface after playing for a long time on one type, it's a little bit oh can't we play on the other one instead!

How much do you practice a week? And with which clubs?

Judith: We play 3 times a week at Saltsjö-Duvnäs Tennis Club, 1 time a week at Gustavsberg Tennis Club and we have just joined the Danish Holte Tennis Club in Denmark but we haven't had time to play there yet, it will be very exciting, we are looking forward to it! Then we play every Saturday night with the family. Plus there's often a morning training session a week with Dad. At weekends we also practice with tennis friends and discover new clubs to go to with the family. We also occasionally play with our mentors Martin Lager and Maria Lindkvist.

Vega: Same clubs as Judith. Plays 5 sessions/week at Saltsjö-Duvnäs Tennis Club and 1 session a week at Gustavsberg Tennis Club.

What are your tennis goals this autumn?

Vega: To play more matches and get better at technique.

Judith: I want to practice more on keeping my feet moving.

What are you looking forward to this autumn?

Vega: Watching the Stockholm Open and playing lots of tournaments and fall camps with my club.

Judith: Playing club matches and of course the Stockholm Open because I'll get to see a lot of good players competing against each other.

Have you played any competitions this autumn and how did you feel?

Vega: I have played 3 competitions this autumn, Nynäshamn weekend cup, Audi Open in Södertälje and Hässleholm Vision Cup. It felt really good, I fought as good as I could!

Now it's Halloween, do you have any scary plans?

Vega: I've just been to a Halloween party at my friend's house. I dressed up as a killer tennis player.

Judith: We're going to my grandma's house and she always has a Halloween theme, it'll be fun!

Thanks Tennissisters4ever!

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