Q&A with Pontus Bergevi, one of Sweden's most experienced tennis coaches

"The hardest thing is to make it simple"

About Pontus Bergevi
Pontus has more than 30 years of experience as a tennis coach, working in all different areas. He has also worked as a sports teacher, been active in the Swedish Tennis Federation and until recently also coached for the National Sports High School in Båstad. For 30 years he has run the Wilson Tennis Camp and is now Head Coach at Djursholm Tennis Club.

Hi Pontus, what do you want to achieve with tennis, what drives you?
I love tennis and whether it's beginners or elite players I get such a kick when you see the development going forward.

What is the most fun thing about tennis?
Meeting many different people who are passionate about the great sport of tennis where you are constantly learning new things

What's the hardest thing about tennis?
Making everything easy

Best tips for beginners?
Early backswing and as I always say "if you stand right, you hit right" so your feet are important

Best tips to reach the top?
Be meticulous in everything you do, every practice should be your best practice

What is most important in your tennis bag besides basic stuff like racket and balls?
Snacks, bars and other energy-giving items that you can pick up at the right time

Who would you rather face in a match?
Jimmy Conners

If you look into the future, what will Swedish tennis look like in 10 years?
Think we will evolve and get some players, many good things being implemented in Swedish tennis right now, it's an exciting journey

What are you doing to get us there?
Work purposefully and seriously. Constantly be on top of what is happening in the tennis world. Never feel like you're finished. Show world-class commitment and make sure the players feel good and have fun both on and off the tennis court.

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