Learn more tennis! Quick questions & answers with expert Jocke from Biwo Racketservice

Hi Jocke,

Biwo Racketservice has achieved something of a cult status among tennis players. Why doyou think that is, what makes you so good?
We have a good knowledge of what we do, good service and fair prices.

What is the difference between strings and strings?
Strings are when you put the strings in the racket. Strings are the material. Otherwise I would say it's the same thing.

What should you consider as a beginner when choosing strings & racket?
Strings: start with a multifilament string it's soft and forgiving and gentle. Racket: i think you take one with a little bigger hitting area like 100-107 sq inch a little wider frame 24 mm. Then you get more speed and a bigger sweet spot.

How do you know when to change the type of strings?
You can switch to polyester strings when you start hitting harder and play more with spin.

Do you see any clear trend right now in strings and racks?
In strings I think polyester strings dominate. In rackets, I would say there is a move towards softer and more vibration dampening frames.

What is the most common mistake tennis players make when choosing a rack?
I think many people have a pretty good idea when buying a racket. But otherwise ask in any racket shop or someone who plays a lot.

And finally an important question, which tennis player is your favorite?
Miroslav Mecir

Thanks Jocke!

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