RättGrepp for padel

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Smart tool to ensure the correct continental grip

Developed on the advice of coaches and WPT players, the RättGrepp is designed to serve as a tool to ensure the continental grip in an easy and gentle way.

With RättGrepp you reduce injuries such as padel elbow and you always play with the right technique.

Continental grip. Many coaches are constantly talking about the importance of holding your rack correct. Different racket sports have different types of grips and in padel the continental grip is the one to use.
RättGrepp primarily purpose is to use the correct technique but it can also help prevent and minimize injuries such as tennis/ or padel elbow. The continental grip can be difficult to get used to, especially if you have played other racket sports in the past, but also if you are completely new to racket playing. Holding the racket "continental" allows you to hit a stable backhand or forehand shot without changing your grip on the racket, while minimizing stress on the elbow joint, which in turn reduces the risk of inflammation.

RättGrepp is a product developed on the advice of coaches and WPT players and is intended to serve as a tool to ensure the continental grip in a simple and gentle way.

Suitable for all racks. RightGrip fits all racks whether you use Hesacore, X-grip or have multiple wraps around your handle.

All ages. The product is designed to fit all people regardless of age and takes only seconds to attach to your rack.

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