HoB sports Speed Hurdles 5-pack with 4 adjustable heights

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HoB sports Speed Hurdles 5-pack with 4 adjustable heights

To become a better player, it is important to improve your reaction time, explosiveness and coordination. With HoB sports' smart hurdles, you can effectively sharpen your skills. Train regularly at home or on the court to reach your goals faster. The green hurdle is adjustable in four different heights so that you can adapt it completely to your own specific needs and to suit as many exercises as possible.

These hurdles are suitable for all athletes who want to get faster, improve coordination and reaction time. Perfect speed training for tennis players, padel players, soccer players where technique, footwork, quick feet and explosiveness are a key reason for success.


  • Color: bright green for high visibility
  • Width: 44cm
  • Height: 4 heights that can be adjusted as needed: 15cm/22cm/28cm/36cm
  • Material: durable PVC
  • Weight: weighs only about 345 grams so easy to carry everywhere.
  • Comes with a practical storage bag per hurdle with string for hanging on a hook or when you want to carry the hedges easily.
  • Assembly: instructions on how to adjust the height can be found here.
  • Number of hedges: 5 pcs.

#trainsmarter with the HoB sports Speed Hurdles to get "quicker feet"!

Why hurdles are so good for tennis and padel players:

Tennis and padel players, regardless of their level, are always looking for new ways to improve their performance on the court. One of the best ways in padel and tennis equipment is the hurdle. Hurdles are a great way for padel & tennis players to practice and improve their speed, footwork and reaction skills, which in turn can help improve their performance on the court.

By practicing with hurdles, padel and tennis players can improve their explosiveness, which is crucial for moving quickly on the court and reaching the ball in time. Hurdles can also help to improve a player's balance and coordination, which is essential to avoid injuries and to perform technically advanced strokes.

One of the major advantages of hurdles is that they are easy to use and can be adapted to the player's individual needs and level. Hurdles can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be easily adjusted to train different parts of the player's body.

If you want to improve your performance on the tennis court and the padel court and take your training to the next level, training hammocks can be the perfect tool for you. Buy your hurdles today and discover the difference in your performance on the court!

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