HoB sports Court Line Markers 8-pack yellow

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HoB sports yellow Court Markers for hardcourt surfaces have a textured surface underneath to prevent it from sliding away too easily or blowing away if you are practicing outdoors. This neat line marker is perfect for speed training, developing your footwork and game strategy. Suitable for training all players regardless of level and age.

The marker has a handy size (34x7.5cm) and weighs only about 80 grams, so it can easily fit in your training bag and be carried to the court when you perform your exercises. The yellow color is clearly visible against the track surface so you do not miss it on the fly. The line is easy to clean and the material is durable to last a long time. The edges are slightly sloped to minimize the risk of tripping.


  • Length: 34cm
  • Width: 7,5cm
  • Weight: 80gr
  • Color: yellow
  • Quantity: 8pcs

#trainsmarter with HoB sports On-court Line Markers for better movement, technique and performance on the court!

Why marking lines are such a great training tool for tennis and padel players:

Exercises using line markers are one of the most effective training methods for tennis and padel players. By using marking lines, players can improve their movement, technique and performance on the court. This is because marking lines can help players visualize the dimensions of the court and better understand how to position themselves on the court.

One of the most useful exercises that can be performed using marking lines is the "lateral movement drill". This exercise helps players to improve their ability to move quickly from side to side on the court. This is an important skill to have as it can help minimize the distance needed to cover the court and thus improve the chances of reaching the ball.

Another important benefit of marking lines is that they can help players improve their technique. By having a visual representation of the court, players can more easily identify areas where they need to improve their technique. For example, players can use marking lines to adjust their feet or improve their stroke technique.

In addition, marking lines can be used to improve players' strategy on the court. By using lines to simulate different situations on the court, players can learn how to position themselves and move on the court in a real match. This can help players to become more confident and more strategic in their playing style.

In conclusion, marking line drills are a great training method for players who want to improve their movement, technique and performance on the court. By using marking lines, players can visualize the dimensions of the court and improve their ability to move quickly, improve their technique and improve their strategy on the court. So if you want to improve your tennis training, consider using marking lines in your drills!

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