Donnay Superlite 114 2022/23 tennis racket for senior players

Donnay Superlite 114 2022/23 tennis racket for senior players

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The Donnay Superlite 114 is one of Donnay's most popular models. With its large head, vibration-damped frame, low weight and high balance, it is the perfect weapon for super veterans and doubles players. The sweet spot in the racket is large and you don't need a quick swing to get power.


  • Head size: 114 in2
  • String pattern: 16x19
  • Weight unstrung: 260gram
  • Balance unstrung: 350mm
  • Technology: Lite XēneCore ™
  • Tri core foam cushioned frame for less strain on the arm/elbow/shoulder.
  • The racket is delivered pre-stringed with Donnay X Poly 23 kg.
  • Recommended tension: 23-25 kg. Lower tension provides more comfort and power, but less control.
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