ASG Resistance Speed Band 2-pack

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The ASG Speed Resistance Band includes two waistbands that allow two people to train together and two resistance bungee bands that make it easy to adjust the resistance on the elastic. The set also includes 2 handles that can be used for different strength exercises and a carrying bag for easy storage. Ideal for speed training, explosiveness, strength training, running and leg training.

Why is the Resistance Speed Band good training for tennis players?

Resistance speed bands are a great training tool for tennis players who aim to improve their speed, explosiveness and agility on the court. By using these bands, you can target the muscle groups that are crucial to performing fast and powerful movements in tennis.

Resistance speed bands offer progressive resistance in movements that mimic the explosive steps and fast swings required during a tennis match. By training with these resistance bands, you can improve your acceleration, reaction speed and agility, giving you the advantage over your opponents on the court.

Resistance speed bands are also a great tool for injury prevention training, as they strengthen the stabilizing muscles around the joints and core, reducing the risk of injury during quick movements and sudden changes of direction.

With resistance speed bands, you can take your tennis training to the next level by improving your speed and agility in an effective and targeted way. It is an affordable and portable training tool that is indispensable for every ambitious tennis player who strives to maximize their performance and reach new heights on the tennis court.

NOTE, place the waistband slightly below the waist to avoid unnecessary pressure on vital organs. Make sure to always pay extra attention when practicing with your partner so that you are prepared to resist properly. Always make sure the product is in good condition before use. Not recommended for children under the age of 10 and exercise with extra caution if training with young people. House of Bontin takes no responsibility for accidents or injuries that may occur while using this product.

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