Ariv padel undergrip V.4

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Ariv is a Spanish base wrap for padel that both improves your game and prevents arm injuries by absorbing vibrations by up to 70%. The organic wrap weighs only 4 grams and can be installed very easily and quickly in just a few minutes! The dimensions are 107x120mm and fit all grips. With Ariv, your grip will be thicker, more comfortable and provide a more comfortable feel when playing.

  • Approved by specialist doctors
  • Tested and evaluated in specialist padel centres
  • Certified by professional players
  • Patented product

Installation instructions:

  1. Remove all windings from your rack, including the basic winding supplied on a new rack
  2. Remove the protective paper from the Ariv
  3. Simply assemble the Ariv as shown in the pictures:

    Make sure that the tabs are completely against each other so that the grip closes completely around the handle. For more detailed assembly see video here

    Once the Ariv is assembled, just put on your favorite top cover and you're ready to play!

    Ariv is made in Spain

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