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The Angle Doctor training tool for tennis and padel guides players to feel the right angle between rack and hitting arm, and is fully adjustable for players of all sizes. The Angle Doctor instantly fixes many common groundstroke, slice problems, including players who often drop their racket head when playing volleyball. It also helps players extend ball contact on groundstrokes. Perfect for practice on the court and at home!

As with all kinesthetic training aids, use the Angle Doctor for a few hits; then remove it and try to maintain the same racket angle and feel. Sometimes the player will succeed right away, but it's quite normal to need several practice sequences both with and without the tool.

Instructions: Wrap the bracelet around the arm, just above the elbow, with the "D" ring on top of the biceps. Attach the Velcro strap to your rack. Since the strap is adjustable at both ends, you can maintain that position once you've found the best position for a slice, groundstroke or volley. For topspin groundstrokes, you will need to extend the strap so that your arm is in a more extended position.

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