Your perfect pickleball partner!
The Slinger Bag pickleball ball machine is the ultimate pickleball tool for all pickleball players as it combines your pickleball bag with a ball machine. The whole idea is that it should be easy to handle and that you get all-in-one with you. The Slinger Bag is incredibly versatile and can be placed anywhere on the court to practice and train all strokes at different speeds, frequencies, and elevation levels. Short distances are no problem, you can even practice at home on the grounds at "short distances". Suitable for all pickleball players regardless of level, from beginners to professional players.
Slinger pickleball is also incredibly affordable. Most ball machines on the market are significantly more expensive. In addition, the Slinger pickleball has unique features that you cannot get with other ball machines.

All you need

Slinger Pickleball comes with everything you need for the course:

  • Slinger Pickleball Launcher
  • Remote control
  • Oscillator ("swing plate") that places the balls on different sides of the court
  • Ball tube with telescopic function (i.e. extendable tube)
  • Camera holder
  • USB mobile charger for both Android and Iphone
  • Li-Ion battery
  • Charger
  • Several compartments for other equipment


  • Weight 19kg
  • Dimensions: 35.6 cm x 45.7 cm x 86.4 cm (fits in most car trunks)
  • Starting speed variation from 16-73 km/h). Type of pickle ball used also affects speed and spin.
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery lasts up to 3 hours in normal use.
  • Easy on/off control for both Slinger Bag and Slinger Oscillator with the convenient remote control.
  • The launcher is equipped with a height knob that easily adjusts the height between 10 and 40 degrees.
  • The launcher has a variable ball feed between 2 and 7 seconds giving the player the ability to run a variety of drills.