Finally time for the outdoor season!

Winter is now over, what have you practiced the most this term? What have you improved?

Vega: I've practiced everything and I've gotten better at volleys because I have better technique, it's now easier to put the ball where I want it. It was extra fun this semester to practice with my private coach Martin Lager because he has taught me a lot.
Judith: Everything from basic strokes to drive volley. I think I have developed a lot in a short time but mostly on the serve.

What are you most looking forward to now for the outdoor season?

Vega: Båstad! Because it's fun to be there, know new people and there are great coaches.
Judith: To play on gravel and maybe try to play on grass for the first time. On gravel the balls bounce a bit differently and it will be fun to hit the balls back.

Last week you ran an intermediate version of outdoor/indoor, you played on Canada Tenn court, in an indoor tent, how was that?

Vega: It felt fun and it was good because for example it didn't stain the shoes, and it bounced well.

Today you had your first outdoor practice, how did it feel?

Vega: It was a bit weird at first and hard to adjust with the sun and the wind but after a while it was really fun and it went well and I can't wait to play more outside.
Judith: It was great fun but very difficult because the balls bounced differently, diagonally, not as high, sometimes even higher.

What kind of court did you play on today?

Judith: the clay court at Gustavsbergs TK

What is the difference between outside and inside? Which is more fun?

Vega: There's wind that makes it difficult, it can pull away, headwinds and stuff. And if you're on the sunny side it can be hard. I like to play on gravel outside because you can slide better.
Judith: Inside you don't have the wind as an opponent or a partner and you don't get the sun in your eyes. Gravel is the most fun because it's more challenging.

Thanks Tennississter4ever and good luck with the outdoor season!

Tennis word of the day / tennis term: Hard court / clay court / lawn court / Canada tenn

In tennis you can play on different surfaces:

  • Lawn court = grass
  • Clay court = clay
  • Canada tin = light green tennis clay
  • Hard court = cement or asphalt coated with acrylic material (most common indoor surface, but nowadays often with a layer of rubber and then called "soft court")

*Source wikipedia tennis

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