Match day for Tennissisters4ever

Today you played matches at Grand Slam New York at Bålsta tennis club.

How did it feel?

Judith: Since it was my second match on the full court, I was a bit nervous, excited and anticipating.

Vega: It felt fun, it felt good.

What did you do best?

Judith: I think it was my groundstrokes. There was a lot of topspin, they came right on the baseline and they were hard.

Vega: I thought I served very well, high returns and had hammer holds. I also thought I pushed the ball well in the attack zone.

What can be better next match?

Judith: I could have gone forward on the volley more.

Vega: Pressing from the baseline.

Thank you Tennissisters4ever and congratulations for well played matches!

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