NEWS! Tennis Stroke Catcher by HoB

For effective tennis training of groundstrokes and serves!

With the Tennis Stroke Catcher by HoB you will improve your accuracy, practice your swing speed and develop your forehand, backhand and serve strokes. This tool is perfect to use both on court as part of your drills but also to practice at home between your practice sessions. Suitable both for training on your own and with coaches and tennis friends.

The opening of the head is 16 cm in diameter and corresponds to the size/surface of the sweet spot area of a tennis racket. This means that by practising with the Tennis Stroke Catcher, you will practice the perfect hit. You will quickly notice that you maximize your concentration on every stroke to ensure that you hit the sweet spot. The tool therefore gives you an immediate feedback on whether you are hitting it right or wrong. Slips and poor concentration will be punished as you will hit the frame and have to run to retrieve the ball.

Maximise your practice with many strokes/minute

By catching the ball, you can quickly and easily feed in a lot of strokes in a very short time. A really time-efficient workout!

Tennis handle for real feel

The handle of the tool is shaped like a normal tennis racket (octagonal) to give you the right feel but also to practice the correct hand position. The handle is wrapped with a grip wrap. You can also add an extra wrap if you want a larger grip area or greater gripping power. The colour and brand of the supplied wrap may vary. As with your regular tennis racket, replace the wrap when it no longer serves its purpose in grip.

For more information and inspiration see our videos here.

Choose from 3 sizes:

  • Small: Suitable for young junior players up to about 140cm tall. Product facts: length 56 cm, weight approx. 276 grams.
  • Medium: Fits older junior players (from about 140cm long) and adult players. Product facts: length 59 cm, weight approx. 286 grams
  • Large: Suitable for young adult and adult players. Product facts: length 62 cm, weight approx. 310 grams

The Tennis Stroke Catcher is handmade from wood so weight and size may vary slightly from rack to rack.

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