Maximise your potential with a personal development plan

Now is the time to reflect on where you are as a player and what you want to achieve this semester. Based on your findings, make sure to adapt your training and equipment to suit you and your development plan. There are many things that can improve your game. Check with your coach what exercises you will be doing this semester and what you can do off the court to improve your performance. Perhaps you should invest in a smart training tool; or a new rack or other strings that suit you and your level better? Keep in mind that even a small change can lead to a big improvement!

Setting up a plan for how you want to develop is a very good idea to get the most out of your training. That's why we have created a document for this purpose. Simple questions and answers that will help you and your coach to adapt your training to your personal goals. If you want to have this information emailed to you, fill out our contact form with your name and email address and write in the message field if you are a beginner or intermediate player. You will receive the information by email within 12 hours. You can find our contact form here. NOTE! No cost and no obligations are linked to this.

Tip: If you are new to tennis, we also recommend that you read our 10 best tips for beginners here.

House of Bontin is a Quality Partner of the Swedish Tennis Federation and we can help you with all the tennis and padel products you need for the start of the semester. Welcome to contact us!

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