"It is important to give local support to Swedish tennis players"

House of Bontin & Wilson Tennis Camp are co-sponsoring the Winter Tour in Lidköping which will be played from 28 Feb-4 March. The Winter Tour is aimed at elite players who choose to compete at home. The competitions have prize money and are divided into several different levels.

"It is important to provide local support to Swedish tennis players. We are happy to sponsor the winter tour in Lidköping and thereby contribute to the fact that elite players in Sweden can play high quality matches here at home in Sweden." /Petter Bontin, CEO of House of Bontin / Pontus Bergevi, owner of Wilson Tennis Camp

Wilson Tennis Camp and House of Bontin have an ongoing cooperation with the aim of advancing Swedish tennis in terms of quality. Since 2021, we have together driven projects to develop tennis training through a mix of new and established methods. We share the ambition that players and coaches, regardless of their level, should have access to the very best on the market.
The combination of long professional experience from Wilson Tennis Camp and innovative training tools from House of Bontin develops players in a whole new way! With revolutionary and educational tools like TopspinPro, ServeMaster, GripFixer, MSV Tennis Pointer, Toalson Sweet Area Racket and more, tennis becomes even more fun - and the player gets better faster!
Welcome to read about the training products at www.houseofbontin.se and about Wilson Tennis Camp at www.tenniscamp.se
Come on!

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