Exclusive distributor of Ariv, the successful anti-arm injury grip

More than 100,000 sold in 1 year & recommended by more than 450 padel coaches!

Now the hit product Ariv is sold at House of Bontin. Ariv is a Spanish basic grip for padel that both improves your game and prevents arm injuries. A big problem in padel is that many people get arm, shoulder and elbow injuries. This can occur for a number of reasons such as overuse, incorrect technique, vibration from the racket when hitting and the wrong size grip. A padel racket does not have several grip sizes to choose from as with tennis rackets, so for many padel players the grip is too small which can lead to injury. Ariv makes the grip both thicker and more comfortable and can also absorb up to 70% of the vibrations that occur during play. So make the smart choice and play with Ariv!

The organic grip weighs only 4 grams and can be installed very easily and quickly in just a few minutes! After applying the Ariv, just put on an overlay you like and you're ready to play. The dimensions of the Ariv are 107x120mm and fit all padel grips. With Ariv your grip will be thicker, more comfortable and give you a more comfortable feeling when playing.

  • Approved by specialist doctors
  • Tested and evaluated in specialist padel centres
  • Certified by professional players
  • Patented product

Can be purchased here

House of Bontin is the exclusive distributor of Ariv in Sweden. If you are a retailer and want to sell Ariv at your padel hall or webshop, please contact us at info@houseofbontin.se or call us at +46766350412. A warm welcome!

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