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To become a better player, it is important to improve your reaction time, explosiveness and coordination. With HoB sports' smart training products for speed training, you can effectively sharpen your skills. Train regularly at home or on the track to reach your goals faster. We have selected the most common and popular training tools used by clubs and professionals.

Here you can buy HoB sports training hurdles, jump ropes, low cones, marking lines and training ladders. Perfect tools that are fully customizable to your own specific needs and suitable for as many exercises as possible.

Training with jump ropes, training hurdles, low cones, training ladder and marking lines can bring many benefits to a tennis and padel player:

  • Jumping rope can help improve coordination, fitness and explosiveness. Jumping rope increases a player's ability to move quickly around the court, which can improve their ability to respond to fast balls.
  • Training hurdles, low cones and training ladders can help improve speed, mobility and technique. By running around, jumping over and under the hedges and cones, players can improve their ability to react quickly to different situations on the court.
  • Marking lines can help improve the placement of the player's strokes and footwork. By practicing hitting a specific mark or practicing moving to a certain position on the court, the player can improve their precision and mobility.

In summary, training with jump ropes, training hurdles, low cones, training ladders and marking lines can help players improve their coordination, fitness, explosiveness, speed, agility, technique, precision and footwork - all important qualities to become a successful tennis and padel player.

HoB sports Speed Jump Rope


HoB sports Speed Jump Rope is a professional speed jump rope with weights in the handles to increase the speed of the rope. It is easy to remove the weights if you wish. With a built-in swivel ball bearing, tangles are minimized, making it efficient and easy to use without having to spend time sorting out tangled rope. The handles are ergonomically designed and have soft foam handles for a comfortable and firm grip. The jump rope is 3m long and can be adjusted in length, making it suitable for both adults (up to about 190cm tall) and juniors. It is easy to shorten the rope to suit children and shorter adults.
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HoB sports Markers Low Cones


HoB sports Markers Low Cones are ideal for speed training in almost all sports; perfect for tennis players, padel players, soccer players and more. Low cones are a super popular training tool that is widely used by amateur players as well as the pros! Using cones, you can easily improve your speed, agility, footwork and technique. Hardly takes up any space in your training bag so it is easy to take with you to the court or training session with the team. Or why not practice at home in your yard or living room! There are endless exercises you can do with low cones so you can vary your training every day if you wish.

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HoB sports Speed Ladder


The HoB sports Speed Ladder is a 5 meter long adjustable training ladder suitable for all athletes who want to become faster, more explosive and improve coordination and sharpen their footwork. Perfect to train with at home on the lawn and patio or take to the tennis court or soccer field. You can adjust the spacing as you wish depending on the exercises you perform. With the included metal pegs, you can quickly attach the ladder to the grass to keep it in place. The handy storage bag allows you to easily carry it with you to your workout.

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HoB sports Court Line Markers


The HoB sports yellow Court Line Markers for hard court surfaces have a textured surface underneath to prevent it from sliding away too easily or blowing away if you train outdoors. This neat line marker is perfect for speed training, developing your footwork and game strategy. Suitable for training all players regardless of level and age.

The marker has a handy size (34x7.5cm) and weighs only about 80 grams, so it can easily fit in your training bag and be carried to the court when you perform your exercises. The yellow color is clearly visible against the track surface so you do not miss it on the fly. The line is easy to clean and the material is durable to last a long time. The edges are slightly sloped to minimize the risk of tripping.

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HoB sports Speed Hurdles


To become a better player, it is important to improve your reaction time, explosiveness and coordination. With HoB sports smart training hurdles you can effectively sharpen your skills. Train regularly at home or on the track to reach your goals faster. The green hedge is adjustable in four different heights so that you can fully adapt it to your own specific needs and to suit as many exercises as possible.

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